About me

My name is Alexandru Ene, I work as a Senior Engineer at Amazon (prev: engine guy at Ubisoft, EA, City Interactive and Ubisoft again) and I like doing various fun experiments in my spare time. 
I will write about random programming stuff that I hack away at while outside office hours.
Most of the work I do is in C++ ( normal C++, not the C++11 silliness ). The more I learned about “modern” C++, the more realized I liked C or Doom3-style C++.
I think Python is quite an awesome and elegant language and I started using it more often for prototypes, small programs and automation of various tasks.
Recently I discovered Rust and this is probably the language I will use the most in my spare time projects.
You can find me on on various places on the web by clicking the links below:

And this is a picture of me looking at a painting of a suspicious bust, a nude and some green leaves:
Alexandru Ene
Opinions expressed here are my own, they don’t represent the view of my employer(s)  etc…

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